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Top 10 los aviones privados mas lujosos

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  • Top 10 los aviones privados mas lujosos

    Les falto Elba Esther, segun dicen hubo un tiempo que Mark cuban venia mucho a Pittsburgh antes del draft 2008 a los Juegos de PENN STATE no me consta pero seria cool verlo con mis propios ojos.

    Top 10 private jets – Billionaires unlashed
    When air travel is in question, the rich and famous fly in their own private jets. Equipped with luxurious interiors to suit their delicate taste, these private planes such as Cessna, Boeing, or Convair, make the trips their wealthy owners more comfortable and enjoyable. So, next time you fly in economy class I bet you’ll think about these lucky guys.

    10. Donald Trump and his Boeing 727-23
    Originally operated by American Airlines, this 1968 vintage jet was reconfigured to hold 23, with pale leather armchairs, gold plated seatbelt buckles, oil paintings, and Waterford crystal lamps. The “Trump” logo on the side of the aircraft is 30 feet long, 4 feet high, and made of 23 carat gold leaf.

    9. Roman Abramovich and his Boeing 767-33A
    This 767 may look ordinary on the outside, but its interior is reportedly outfitted with chestnut and decorated with gold. The aircraft can often be spotted at Luton Airport some 40 miles north of London, where Abramovich spends much of his time.

    8. The Sultan of Brunei and his Boeing 747-430
    The Sultan bought this 747 brand new for at least $100 million and had it fitted with a special interior and features such as washbasins of solid gold and Lalique crystal at an additional cost of some $120 million. The Sultan has several other aircraft, but this is his largest.

    7. Jimmy Buffett and his Grumman HU-16 Albatross
    This former military Grumman HU-16 Albatross amphibian aircraft owned by singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett is named “The Hemisphere Dancer”. In 1996, it was shot at in Jamaica by local police who suspected it of carrying drugs.

    6. Air Force One
    The aircraft used to transport President George W. Bush on important state and domestic visits, Air Force One is a Boeing 747-200B that has been heavily modified with secure communications systems, electronic equipment, a self-contained baggage loader, front and aft air stairs, and the ability to refuel in-flight.

    5. Mark Cuban and his Boeing 767-277
    Billionaire Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team, reportedly had custom-made seats installed on the aircraft that are large enough to accommodate the team’s tallest players.

    4. Elvis Presley and his Convair 880
    Named “Lisa Marie” after Elvis’ daughter, this Convair 880 was customized with 28 seats instead of the usual 110. The tail of the now preserved jet was painted with The King’s personal “TCB” logo, which stands for “Takin’ Care of Business”.

    3. Bill Gates and his Bombardier BD-700 Global Express
    Owned by Challenger Administration LLC on Bill Gates’ behalf, this jet can carry eight people at a cruising altitude of 51,000 feet for a distance of 6,500 nautical miles, a range that permits nonstop Tokyo-New York or Los Angeles-Moscow.

    2. Wayne Huizenga and his de Havilland Canada DHC-6-320 Twin Otter
    One of the most rugged and reliable utility transport aircraft ever built, the unpressurized Twin Otter can carry up to 19 people and take off from and land on rough strips as short as 100 yards. This aircraft appeared in a seaplane chase scene in the James Bond film “Casino Royale”.

    1. Harrison Ford and his Cessna 525B CJ3 Citation Jet
    Harrison Ford pilots his own CJ3, which can carry six people in comfort for some 1,900 nautical miles. Ford is considered so good a pilot that the FAA asked him to be the spokesman for the runway incursion awareness and prevention campaign that the agency started in 2001.

    ■If you happen to have one of these or maybe even better jet, please contact the administrator and you’ll be added shortly.
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    A mi me gusta más el de Roman Abramovich, su 767 "The Bandit" no tiene mamá.
    Por las aerolineas que no se rajan, POR TI.


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      Se acuerdan del 737BBJ que tenia V.e.r.gara? Alguien en Mexico ha tenido algo similar o mejor?

      Como Diria Frank Sinatra; Come Fly with me, Lets fly away.


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        Originally posted by AeroFime View Post
        A mi me gusta más el de Roman Abramovich, su 767 "The Bandit" no tiene mamá.
        Exacto¡ Me gusta ese 767


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          un día aparecera mi avión..... jajajajajaja pero si el 767 de Abramovich..... tsssssssss sin palabras
          Chepe Robles


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            resulta que el hombre mas rico del mundo viaja en un sencillo Bombardier Global Express, y otros que estan mas abajo de el viajan en Boeing 767.
            Bombardier Q400 NextGen
            Image Hosted by


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              Por que el 767 de abramovich tiene diferente la cabina asi como si tuviera los ojos rasgados o tuviera puestos unos lentes jaja, ve demasiado bien eso ! o solo es pintura negra que llega casi hasta la puerta ?????


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                Asì es el Bandit no tiene madre!

                MD Iván M. Á.


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                  Marcelo19, Cap. Estrada y hermoso, los invito a discutir sobre "los 10 aviones privados mas lujosos" a los que hacen referencia este tema.

                  Sus mensajes han sido borrados.
                  10 años de FsMex


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                    Originally posted by 7car7los7 View Post
                    Por que el 767 de abramovich tiene diferente la cabina asi como si tuviera los ojos rasgados o tuviera puestos unos lentes jaja, ve demasiado bien eso ! o solo es pintura negra que llega casi hasta la puerta ?????
                    Pues segun tengo entendido es solo pintura para asemejar a un bandido... y eh de ahi su nombre...
                    Fue a solicitud del comprador
                    no?, pero si estoy equivocado, acepto disculpas...



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                      el mas bonito es el bandido... en mi opinion, s tambien denotar que hombres menos ricos que billgates tienen aviones mas ostentosos ,,


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                        bueno.... ahí está el mio jajajajajaja..........

                        andaba viendo la foto del bandit... quién me podrá decir que tipo de antena es el domo que trae en la parte de arriba....
                        Chepe Robles


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                          pues hasta ahorita no e visto que se mencione un inconfundible aguebo !!!
                          Travolta QANTAS 707 !!!!
                          Ese para mi se lleva las palmas, ( no se en cuanto a lujo como este, pero que chulada de avion privado) y es mas, ps desde donde lo tiene !! a quien no le gustaria una casita asi en Jumbolair??
                          Contacte torre en 118.1 Buen dia